Madden Complaints

More of a rant, feel free to disregard.

I like playing the career modes, and I'm currently playing as a QB. For those unfamiliar, this means that you ONLY control your QB. Whats killing me is how absolutely moronic the AI is for the rest of my team. My runningback constantly ignores the wide open hole to cut around a D end and lose 4 yards. The rest of the offense never heard of a first down, and therefore never attempt to get one, not when there's an opportunity to run backwards, and god forbid if you tried to lecture them on clock management and the need to get out of bounds in the 2 minute offense. I've never seen anyone on my team break a tackle. In fact, it's more like as soon as they get hit, they fall straight down, and there is no momentum mechanic at all. And I guess they aren't allowed to juke, or participate in any other means to avoid getting tackled.

   It all seems like little complaints, as the rest of the game isn't so bad, but when you are trying to do an immerse yourself in an experience, these little things really take me out of it and ruin it for me. NFL players seem to know where that first down marker is, even without that yellow line. How come my computer controller compadres can't figure it out?

Flame away.Not even stupid madden can ruin this morning when the Yanks sign Tanaka! Of course, that's an even more painful reminder of how I won't be playing an MLB game on my X1.


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I haven't played that mode yet - only online and MUT for me... but I love it and have no complaints.

RBI Baseball is coming this spring for XB1 and 360.No details are out so it could be a sim or arcade game.Either way,there will be baseball.

@ Hail - Saw that about RBI baseball, but until I know if it's worth playing, I can't count it. But I wont discount it, so I will make an edit.

Madden is fun, don't get me wrong. Just had a frustrating morning with it. Through all the issues, I came back, and then my kicker missed a 38 yard FG in OT, and I lost anyway.

Welcome to the life of any qb drafted by a bad team.

My complaint about Madden is it's pretty much the same game as last year. I miss NFL 2k.

Just bought the game...i must say its addicting being that i love football and haven't bought a football game at all the past year....the running game took some getting use to but man ive had some incredible close fun games ranked in the top 5% on the leaderboards head to head.