Madden 25 OR Dead Rising 3

I played dead rising didn't like the controls, played dead rising 2 an liked everything just found it hard especially trying to take out a room full of zombies using a m-16 in 3rd view, wished there was a first person view,an more ammo, Played all the Maddens except madden 12 I believe was the only year I never bought it, basically they all the same. IS Dead Rising 3 Improved from dead rising 2??

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Dead Rising 3 is a modern 3rd person action/adventure game...You can move while your shooting,you can roll,jump over fence,reach rooftops, an open world full of zombies...a story mode allows you to take your time to play....You can also play in coop and some kinect,tablet features are available....A must play for me.

Madden can't tell,don't have it.

I have never played a Dead Rising game before 3, and Ive played every Madden since 93, Id go with Dead Rising.

I don't have Dead Rising 3 but I do have Madden and will say for me personally its a huge improvement from past games. If you need a better idea as to which game to get; I suggest you go on Youtube and look at the Reviews for each game. That usually helps make decide on what to get.

Get dead rising 3, according to IGN Madden still feels a little last-gen! So for madden i'd wait for next years version.

Dead Rising 3 hands down and you won't have trouble clearing a room of zombie with the LMG in that, but I suggest going the melee route. Some of the weapons are very powerful!

Dead Rising 3 is so underrated. I hated 1 and 2. Glad I gave this installment a try. The Main story is still on a clock, but you have plenty of time to complete that as well as most side missions. Nightmare mode on the other hand, moves along much quicker - you have less time to complete. I skipped all but two side missions. I give DR3 a 9/10. Loads of fun and worthy of a few playthroughs, for collectibles and achievements. I bought the season pass, and look forward to the DLCs.

...and the co-op is fun as well.

DR3 is awesome. Did you play Madden 8 or 9 years ago? If yes, than you've already played Madden 25.


Dead Rising 3 all day long.