Mad Max: Fury Road now available on Xbox Video

I don't usually do movie announcements, but this was EASILY my favorite film of the year - besides, if you get it AND the game, you can get a free hood ornament! How cool is that!? So check it out!

...and don't forget to buckle up!


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My wife and I watched it and when it was over we both agreed that it was one of the worst movies I've seen in a long long time. It's bloody terrible.


^ Got to agree with Brand, it was terrible lol

In my opinion the original Mad Max with Mr Gibson is still the best. Even Mad Max 2 was better than this tripe. ( Won't speak of Thunderdome lol )

Let's just hope the game is ALOT better. Really like the look of this!

Haven't seen the film but will give it a rent. The fact people say it's terrible doesn't bother me, I usually like things people don't and it looks quite good to me.

The game looks good, but think I will wait for a price drop as it's not a must have on day one for me.

Not great.The originals are far better but like Mr Lofty said,less said about Thunderdome the better.

@ Mr Woodbine,

I'm exactly like you. If I like the look of something, films, games etc and other's don't I'll still give it a go, everyone's different.

Trouble is for me and maybe it's my age lol but a lot of film remakes I didn't enjoy as much as the originals. Sure they have better effects, bigger explosions but just don't quite hit the spot.

Without giving away too much but for me this new Mad Max film didn't concentrate enough on the main character Max but besides that I just really didn't like it.

Again though I'm really looking forward to the game. I really do like the look of it but we shall see.

Looking for the game....over 30 years that i wait to be Max. :)

I saw some gameplay with sand storm,cars chase/battle,that will be epic....

The movie has rave reviews (98% on Rotten Tomatoes) from virtually all over; those of you who don't like it are DEFINITELY in the minority. I liked it better than all of the other action summer movies (which includes the likes of Ant-Man, Jurassic World, and more).

I'm curious though, why didn't you like it (and please provide spoiler warnings for those who've not seen it yet)?

Also, IMO, the 1st movies was the most boring (but set it up), the 2nd was good (and is the iconic film), and the 3rd was too family friendly (no real blood or gore). This film is the definitive Mad Max experience.

^ Agree! always wanted a Mad Max game, and it looks brilliant!!

I loved the film too..

Definitely a big screen experience though

So when you say "now available" is that to buy? to rent?

How much?  I could look but I'm not there yet.

The film is basically the longest, craziest and greatest 'balls-to-the-wall' car chase you'll ever see - I thought it was glorious : )

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