Mad Catz HDMI adapter died--options?

After three years of service, my Mad Catz HDMI adapter bit the dust (some of you with older Xboxes might be familiar with this).

Two questions--is there another adapter that will do the same thing (give my older Xbox HDMI support and optical cable output)? I'm not sure if I want to go the Mad Catz route again.

And I now use the Xbox component cable and can no longer select 1080p in my Xbox settings--1080i is the highest I can select (I had read about this before). So is 720p better than 1080i when it comes to visuals on the Xbox? I still want to be able to snipe little heads in the distance as I did before.

Thanks for any help in advance.





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madcatz is the only one available...they have at best buy stores...but they are junk.I bought one and it messed my box up when it was attached.

sorry to hear that--about it being the only one and that it screwed up your Xbox.

guess i'll keep using the Xbox component cable and try to figure out if 720p is better for my viewing than 1080i.

thanks for the response!