Mad as hell about xbox 360 this year, smh.

I didn't pay 500$ plus tax for a system that suppose to be the best game system out rightnow, all these apps we was suppose to have is not their anymore, they want us to pay 60$ for MW3 but want us to pay 50$ for a elite call of duty member & y'all only giving pples one map for Feb. I'm really thinking about going to ps3 now.

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I was hoping for the web browser to be added in the latest update around November...but it didnt happen. Was that just a rumor? And why its xbox live $60 a year now? What did they add thats new besides update the look? The elite membership is pointless to me.

Ignorance much? You realize Activisions little Elite garbage doesn't even have to do with Microsoft at all right? But hey, feel free to switch. You'll be paying $60 for the game again + $50 for Elite again and you get the maps 1 month later than the 360 from what I've seen.

OP, i'm trying to comprehend what you wrote... "all these apps we was suppose to have is not their anymore" -- Are you saying that there are apps you had that aren't there anymore?  OR.. there was a section for apps that you'd eventually get aren't showing anymore?  If it's the latter of the two, you are complaining there is no "Coming Soon" section?

Nobody is making you pay for anything. I dont understand why people complain but yet still pay for it. If you have such a big problem with xbox and the services they offer why are you still paying for it????

You will just get the maps later going to PS3. They haven't even gotten the first two that 360 got.

I really hope your joking. We have gotten a lot of great apps (more than you'll find on the PS3 and better quality too), and MW3 has nothing to do with Microsoft and Xbox. You'll have to pay the same initial price and the same price for Elite on the PS3. That is up to the retailer and Activision. You will also get the maps at the same rate as the 360 but a month later meaning its actually better on the Xbox for dlc. I guess if you want to downgrade your experience your welcome to switch, but I think you'll be quite dissapointed. The xbox is still a great platform and ever improving, you just need some patience.

web browser? where did you see this lyrikal440?   there will never be a web browser on the xbox360.  


if you were mistaken by Bing being the "web browser" bing just lets you browse all content on xbox live quickly.

PSN is far from a "downgrade" to live. It's free and the apps on it, are better than the same apps on xbox live. i.e. Netflix, Hulu plus. I highly doubt he'd be dissapointed if he switched. Both are good services, just one happens to be free.

^^ Free and got all hacked up.


MW3 maps, if you look at how many maps the Elite CoD gives you for FREE (you get all maps free with member ship, i think in all call of duty games, maybe just MW3+). Also with the Prizes for the tournaments you can enter for free and play them at your house. it isnt hard at all. They do like top 50 people. My Brother and his friend got like 2 water bottles, call of duty Theme. Honestly if you actually participate in these things you can make money from this. My brother and his friend sold them for like $20 on Amazon. They have those little things all the time. Most people just dont do them so your more likely to get it.

Apps, NO apps have been removed. They might be Harder to find because there is alot more new ones.

Xbox live is better then PS3, its worth the $60 a year to some, and not to others. I would pay $75 but $100 would be pushing it. But thats just me. PS3 has 2 flaws for me though. So i will never play it. 1)More Modders/Hackers 2)The players arnt that good. I can go 30/1-0 in FFA on MW3. and on Xbox i go 30/10-5