Lower Prices on Older Games on Xbox Live

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I have a suggestion, i just bought in Steam Splinter Cell Double Agent for Pc for 2,50 €, but i don't like very much to play games in my pc so i went to xbox live and see the game price there and its ridiculous, 19,99€ for the game. If i go to a store i can get it original for like 6 or 7 €. Why don´t u guys lower the prices and do like a sales week were we can buy lots of games for reasonably prices . I'm not talk about recent games off course i am  talking about older games.

Anyways its just a sugestion, so keep up the good work.

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They need to do this with DLC as well. I have seen old COD games where the content still costs more than the 20.00 game. In the case of Dragon Age Origins, they charge you 100.00 when you buy the game and DLC that is already included in the 20.00 retail copy

The reason why steam can be so cheap is because there is no distribution, and packaging costs. If Xbox took this up it would enhance Xbox live no end. There's No way I'll be buying a full price game off there when it's a lot cheaper in a shop.

I totally agree, MythicMane.


I love the idea of downloading games from the marketplace. However, they are severely overpriced.


I think the theory may be that you are paying more for the convenience of getting them instantly etc. In practice, however, if I am not getting a box, a book and a disk, I expect to pay less. I know many other people who agree. I think if MS at least matched the prices of the games at retail, their sales would boom. I know I would start buying them regularly.


However, for as long as Amazon or GAME can deliver me the game 20-40% cheaper (new) than it is being sold on the Marketplace, i'll pass.

There are monthly price drops, but granted these are games no one actually wants.

I don't really see much convenience in buying Games on Demand as it takes longer at times (well all the time actually for a decent game download) to download them than for me to get into the car and drive to the local store. Plus I actually save even factoring in Californian gas prices than if I were to buy the game through Xbox Live. Plus I can always trade the game with a friend down the road.

Did you also know that if you get banned, I hear all the money you spend on their games becomes locked as in you can no longer access those purchased games? I think that verges on being criminal. Not like I plan on getting banned.