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Just wondering this a noob qs does Xbox one have a low power setting when not on? Just ask because I'm was worried about overheating and whatnot the xbox icon remained lighted trough the night is that normal as well or is there a setting to set it to low power I went into settings but nothing of that nature was there thanks in advance

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I don't think the xbox symbol should be lit.

When in stand by

That's my point I hear dif answers from ppl  some say yes some no

you can either be in a low power state or energy saving (completely off) , energy saving takes longer to boot up as it doesn't lay asleep waiting for the words "Xbox On".

Gotcha I wonder if it can be set to low power when watching. TV???

No. You are not understanding the low power state. If the Xbox is in the low power state it is essentially off. The light on the power brick will remain on but the console will be off. The only difference between off and low power state is that low power state saves game location and runs minor things like updates while the console is not on.

Aaaaaaa I see thanks for the info guys