Low Battery Indication- way too early?

As soon as a 360 controller's (using the rechargeable pack) power is depleted to 2 bars it begins its flashing sequence (low batt indicATOR).  My battery will last longer under 2 bars than above 2 bars.  WTH!!!?????   really?  I have to be annoyed by that damn flashing sequence for hours?  really?  playing video games is so f'n important that I need to know 3 hours in advance that my controller is going to run out of juice.  Its silly.  The person who originally programmed the cut-off at 2 bars is just not very intelligent.  1 bar.  how about 1 bar?  (you could go much lower than 1 bar for sure, but just to make things simple for these idiots.   It would take one MS employee less than an hour to adjust this little piece of software, and then just toss it in on the next console update.  1 bar.  how f'n simple.  I know this isn't that important to most, and its not really to me either, but I just get frustrated when logic is completely ignored.  

This would be less of an issue if plugging in the charge cable didn't add an absolutely unacceptable buzzing for both me and the peeps on the other end of my mic. (again, another issue that affects nearly 100% of 360's.)  this problem is not fixable with software, this is a controller hardware design issue, and therefor will never be fixed, at least not in this stage of the 360 console's life.



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See some people do not use the play and charge pack so it is good that i does it in advance cause some use the default pack that you put batteries in. So its good when it flashes at half life so you know that you have to buy batteries of course speaking you do not have the play and charge kit.

I don't mind the lights because when I gaming I'm usually looking at the tv and not my controller, but that's just me.


Too early on battery warnings beats too late...

BlackSilverAce: Ditto, expecially if you're the kind who dosn't have a plug and play kit. I have one, but i usually keep it connected, as the battery dosn't seem to be holding a charge for as long as it did, it's about 3 years old, older then the xbox itself to think about it. The original xbox got a red ring, this ones doing alright.

in advance? yes.  do you think it should flash for 60-70% of the battery life?  

I waited once when the lights started flashing to see how long it would last. It lasted about 40 minutes.


[quote user="firebanshee"]

in advance? yes.  do you think it should flash for 60-70% of the battery life?  


In my experince, that figure seems closer to 30-40% of the total battery life. Either way, it does give ample warning that it is time to start thinking about the controller battery, which is preferable to it suddenly dying.

By contrast, when my PS3 controller gives a low battery warning, that means you have anywhere from two to four minutes before it dies completely. Not fun in the middle of a match or point in a game where you can't pause while you dig up a usb cable.

The 360 may be a bit enthusiastic about letting you know early that your battery is cycling down, but on the PS3 the battery warning is practically an emergency situation (in so far as one can have a videogame emergency).

Besides, the 360 battery warning isn't too distracting unless you play with your controller close to your head or in the dark...