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I'm on the £7.99 deal ATM but for extra 3 quid, I can get game rentals as well. It seems like an excellent value for money but have anyone tried it? My only concern is when games that are on multiple disks. Does anyone know how many 360 games are on multiple disks (just the campaign since there's no point in renting multiplayer game)?


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Well you're going to have to wait for your game to be posted out to you unless you download. But having a game sent out just to rent is a bit pointless (personal opinion). It's up to you but seems like a good deal if you get your games and DVDs on time. I've not tried it though because it doesn't really appeal to me.

So far they've posted all my requests on time. It's next day delivery so that's not a problem. The only thing I'm concerned about is multiple disks and the quality of disks. I suppose I could just get the mulch-platform titles for the PS3 (since its on BD and BD itself is hard to scratch) but some titles do preform better on the 360.

I've been using LoveFilm to rent games for over five years now, I must say I haven't had many problems with them, although I haven't rented any games that come on more than one disc yet.  Generaly the discs they send are in excellent condition.  If it's not, send it back and they will send you another.

Perfect. Thx :)

Ive rented a few titles from them that come on multiple discs. ME3 and BF3 and they send all discs to you at once as one rental as their rule for the games differs from tv series rentals.

That's brilliant.  Thx