Loved by some hated by many

Either way if someone would chuck me a preview invite it would be cool. If nothing else being a consistent member over a few gamer tags since 2005 ........that must count for something... Friends .


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I would but I never accepted my invite !!! Hahahahaha

Oh, I miss understood. As you were.

I'll chuck you an invite seeing as I've run out of bricks to chuck lol

Is it for this gamertag that you are posting on?

After all its resorted to this ..... Hahahahahaha

I don't mind

Oh we'll never mind,

Haha, yeah it is, but hey, everyone is entitled to their opinion, it's when they act on it it becomes an issue. Everyone's a warrior on the internet.

I'll add you and chuck you an invite now, probably take a day or two before you get a message on XBL confirming it.

Yeah I don't have multiple tags, just one at a time. It will heal the wound since finding out I was the gamer most gamer would like to punch in the face on your site lol...

Xbuk is yours isn't it?

What can I say, times are tough ........