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i havent been playing games for about a week now because of christmas stuff.  i just got on and apparently it downloaded updates for all 4 of mine automatically because every time i click one of the games it says "almost done"  the update was downloaded and applied and all i need to do is put the disk in and play the game. i dont get why people are getting update notices when i it should of been automatic like mine. just curious is all.


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Because no one seems to remember the 90s.... Those days sucked, in a nostalgic way.

It's amazing how people are upset that Microsoft nor Sony could create the perfect console, keep in mine how many millions of pre-orders they had, what Microsoft has done is set the perfect base to where over the next decade they can drastically improve upon through updates, and honestly if I buy something I don't want it to be perfect, I want it to get better over time and people need to stop being spoiled, doesn't anybody remember how bumpy the 360 or PS3 launch? The Earlier launches went smoother cause it was easy, with the Xbox original and PS2 it was simply put a machine together, no kinect or camera, no advanced controllers, no cloud, no entertainment purposes other then gaming, no updating, simply release the console and work on the next where as this gen while developing the XB1 and PS4 they had to keep the 360 and PS3 updated, hell even microsoft released another 360, I give mad props to Microsoft for keeping both XB1 and 360 gaming going on.

[quote user="VulcanVFX"] if I buy something I don't want it to be perfect, I want it to get better over time and people need to stop being spoiled


The more STUFF in the console, the more things that can go wrong, and it is.  Some issues are completely understandable.   I don't agree with what you say about people being spoiled.  The Xbox One is $500 and a lot more than that when you add in some games.  I would have expected something more solid and reliable for that money.  It has nothing to do with being spoiled. 

its not that we are spoiled its that we are used to the xbox brand being a certain way and want the same thing with the xbox one. but in reality the xbox one is a base like @VulcanVFX said they can improve on what they have over time and make it great. dont get me wrong im sure that it wont please everyone but the majority of the users will be fine with the changes. I man my signature makes perfect sense to rational people we just have to wait and see what is store


Its like saying you want a new iPhone5s but want the OS from the iPhone1. Really?


Not really, as far as the insides go with consoles it's exactly the same as what it used to be with the older ones, a CPU, PSU, RAM, HDD, Disc Drive, ect, all the apps and multi capability that we now have is all thanks to firmware, remember when the 360 first came out, could only play games as well but now it can do so much more, the only "problems" the XB1 is having right now is literally all dealing with firmware which can be fixed via update, giving the disc drive problems that are affecting very few people is a problem but that's due to have big of a demand they're currently having to meet and even the people that are affected by this is getting a brand new unit and a free game. Also with the $500 thing, the PS3 was $600 when it was first announced and literally the only difference between it and the 360 was the bluray player and the Cell processor which was just a little bit better then the 360, currently the PS4 bundle is being produced for $381 and sold for $399.99 while the XB1 bundle is being produced at $471 and sold for $500, simply put they're selling them as cheap as it comes and because these units aren't off the shelf perfect cause people seem to forgot how "crappy" past gen consoles used to be and are used to what they are now, people are throwing a fit. Microsoft and Sony are both doing as much as they can, Microsoft's already released a system update and Sony's released two firmware update. It has everything to do with being spoiled, and honestly I haven't had any problems out of my XB1 yet, maybe I'm just lucky but either way I'm a very happy customer, giving as I said there's plenty to be fixed, however all deals with firmware.

Also, I'm sorry but I've read so many reports bout people paying $500 for a system and just cause it isn't perfect right now, they sell it, which is fine I guess but If I'm going to invest that much money and trouble into a system the least I'm going to do is wait until Microsoft and Sony catch up on stock shortages after christmas and then they can really focus on updates and such, that'll be when  I'll decide what side I'm on.

[quote user="VulcanVFX"]

that'll be when  I'll decide what side I'm on.[/quote] I'm lucky enough to get both. However, the PS4 will be my main gaming console. Yes, it does all the multimedia stuff too, but I'm a gamer and it comes down to the games. Not only is it more powerful than the xbox one, but the multiplatform games are better on PS4, plus many of them have exclusive content. Personally, the game that most impressed me at E3 was The Order 1886, and so it remains. Destiny looks good, and is on both platforms, but again has PS4 exclusive content and I think the beta is PS4 exclusive. Driveclub, Uncharted, Infamous Second Son, all the games that I personally want are PS4. I prefer the controller too and the digital games & apps are currently better on PS4 too. I'm hoping they announce some games for xbox one that I might want to play. Everyone goes on about Titanfall, but COD with mechs doesn't interest me.

^^^^fantastic good for you.

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