LOTR: The War In The North v.s. Goldeneye

So which is the better game and why?


If' you've played 1 or both what games would you compare them to?






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Both are pretty poor and i couldnt recomend either of them

I have LOTR: TWITN from LoveFilm.  Haven't played it yet but my brother has.  He says it's [Mod edit] awful.  worst game tie-in series ever" which probably says a lot, how many good LOTR games have there been?

Goldeneye demo is on marketplace, if you loved the original you'll hate the remake.

Lovefilm is the best solution to this dilemma...£15 a month and just rent both for as long as it takes to finish or try them out

Feedback from people who have played seems to be LOTR can be entertaining if you enjoy the franchise, Goldeneye... not so much.



If I had to choose between the 2 purely from what I've seen of each, I'd go with Goldeneye.

I love LOTR. I only played a brief demo of the game on Onlive so my opinion is not that informed but it seemed awfully derivative. It's a psuedo-RPG hack 'n slash title like the old LOTR games (which were also horrible). They've put in some half-assed Mass Effect-inspired dialogue sequences as well.


The combat is a little like The Witcher. Except worse

Played the demo of LOTR and thought it was terrible. Played the demo of Goldeneye, went out and bought it, really enjoying it. Stuck on the final boss now... very little health and no body armour, harsh, but old school fun!

Download the demos?

I've played both but they are not on my played list so it's not worth entering into a conversation with you on the subject.

I've enjoyed LOTR, more so because I've been co-oping with a friend.  I couldn't see myself playing the game on my own though.

Graphics are a bit naff, but then I don't play games for graphics, I play for the enjoyment.  

The skill tree works quite well and you actualy do see/feel the improvements as you add more points to particular magics/melee tricks, etc.

It's your typical hack n slash though and quite repetitive.    3 characters to choose from, each having their own strengths/weaknesses.  There are only 2 simple commands if your playing with the AI, one being defend and one being attack.  If you do defend, the AI will come to you and try and protect you for a short time, whereas obviously attack will send them fighting.

You will have to visit a blacksmith often to get your armour/weapons repaired, as they do deteriorate as you hit orcs, etc.

Doesn't really relate to the Lord of the Rings films/bookd in any way, although you do come across some of the fellowship.

Not a game to buy at full price, but worth a punt if you enjoy these types of games.

I'm not really good at comparing games, but I suppose its very much akin to D&D: Daggerdale, in the way you use magic, etc - see told you I was rubbish at comparing games!

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