Lost Planet 3 CG Trailer



if some one can put the full video into the post that would be great.


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I loved LP 2. What a truly fantastic game that slipped completely under the radar. Online was pretty cack, but 4-player Campaign Co-Op and slaughtering huge monsters in giant mechs can't be beat.


Ahhh it's a shame Paragon N7 and Ghost don't post here anymore, we LOVED LP2. One of the funniest games I've ever played with friends. Confetti shotgun ftw!


"You get the box.... and you put it over there"


Looking forward to this.

love lost planet hope they do a third one

[quote user="A Weeping Angel"]

love lost planet hope they do a third one


Well, if you read the very first post, you would see that they are...

Anyway, a friend of mine noted that some American companies will be taking over development, which got me worried that the game with lose some of its Japanese charm. I hope this isn't the end for taunting, emotes and slot-machine bonuses. 

Jane sits down with Andrew Szymanski and Kenji Oguro to talk about the newly-announced Lost Planet 3.


Do not want