Losing patience.....

The Feb update caused 2 new problems

1) out of the blue my xbox loses picture... goes black.  Requires full restart.

2) voice commands stop working fully with shut down.  When you get to the final step where you have to "yes" or "no", voice commands will stop working at that point.  Again requires a full restart.

I have been very patient with the xb1 so far.... but when the updates start creating new problems and annoyances ?????......I start to lose patience..... and confidence.

Lets get your act together for the March update, eh??


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It sux that you have problems, and you probably already have done this, but if not, check if any cable is loose.

Otherwise, either try a factory reset on it or call support.

I haven't had any trouble so far.

Hope it gets sorted for ya.

No issues in Southern Alberta....

@ That 1 Dude

Sorry that you're having issues... Quick question...

RE: Kinect: I'm just asking as I has this issue, but when I plugged the Kinect in I was sure it was in all the way, but after a major crash, and a message about it not being plugged in, I gave it a shove, and whattaya know, it went in just the tiniest bit further, and I felt a click. I was using it before just fine btw, and I haven't had an issue since.

As for the black screen/crashing... Do you have " fast boot" on? Do you use the "Resume game quickly (Beta)? I've heard this causes issues. I have mine on power saver (the boot time doesn't bother me), and I've not experienced a crash at all... Except for the Kinect thing above.

Hope you get it sorted with the next patch, or if one of the above things help.

I was having issues with the Kinect after the February update, but since getting the beta update, have had no problems, so it seems like it's been resolved. Never had black screen errors, so can't speak to that, but it seems like they are hitting their stride with the March update, and is a good sign of things to come.

Maybe only morons can't make it work...

Hey mate check out this thread. About halfway down there is a post by d33dles that will tell you how to fix the kinect. forums.xbox.com/.../1687859.aspx

As for the black screen. As far as I know the new patch coming out fixes the problem. I had a friend that had it all the time as well but after he opted into the beta patch it didn't happen anymore. Just wait it out mate. It will be fixed.

Thanks for the replies folks.... even yours, greymittens.....made me laugh.

Duf....yea, that was my thread.....d33dles provided a good immediate short term fix, but the problem (both problems) keeps reappearing every so often.  It's not like either of them happen all the time, just every so often....but enough where it starts to get annoying.

As for Kinect..... my Kinect works wonderfully.... except every so often when I reach that one specific spot in the shut down process.  So its not my cables.... and I did check them.

I do have it on instant mode.... I love instant mode. Lol.  So its not an answer for me to not use it.

So hopefully the march update cures all this, adds additional features we all been crying for and it adds no new bugs!  It really is time for MS to start hitting their stride here.  They need to.

For the record - the OPs issues are valid.  I have them too.

The blank screen issue is certainly "known" - it typically happens if you press the logo button as the X1 is starting an App.  It'll get fixed in the patch tomorrow.