Looking to get an Xbox Back

Hi guys i made a mistake and got a PS3 Slim 160gb with fifa 12 two months back now and all i can say is help ,Want to get a Xbox back ,Does anyon know anywhere for a good trade in deal for my ps3 then get a xbox 250gb slim back for it .Thanks


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GAME were usually a great place to do a trade in and upgrade like that.


You knew what you were getting and that if you had any trouble with the new console you could just come back to the shop for Support.


If you have a Grainger Games near you then you are guaranteed they will match whatever trade in price CEX are offering.


I know HMV and supermarkets deal in second hand games but I'm not sure about second hand consoles.


Let us know what you settle on in the end.



now GAME is back on its feet, worth trying there to see if they can do trade in yet.


If not, you have other games stores or CEX.


There's also this site: www.gamexchange.co.uk/.../consoles-products.html


Or sell it on ebay and use the cash to buy a console.

Blockbusters are pretty decent for when trading in consoles, especially if you trade it in against another console rather than taking the cash.

Made me laugh... "Help...." did you find the PS3 THAT bad... ? - If all else fails you could try selling on ebay, or local paper and using the money from that to put towards a new/used Xbox 360

Yes, Blockbusters do a fair deal for console trades I find.

[quote user="Jason of Duty"]

Made me laugh... "Help...." did you find the PS3 THAT bad... ?


Most likely not he was hoping to land some brownie points with you all. Anyhow OP if I where you I would look at the CEX website and see how much you get for the PS3. Then if you still have a Gamestation near you and they still price match then take it to them and get them to price match CEX.