Looking for people to play with on Halo: Reach

Anyone want to play with me and some other members from this very forum?

Mic isn't an requirement because I don't use it myself due to hard of hearing.

We play any gametypes, Firefight and Customs, send FR/invites if you're interested.


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I'm on tonight from 8.30, 9ish if your about?

I almost exclusively play BTB, but I'll play anything really.

have you got ODST!

ill play, reach is my favourite game ill invite you when im on should be around 8ish

Yes, I have ODST. Need help with achievements on that? I got %100 in it.

if anyone wants to play Halo reach just add me to xbox live

Mite as well play if you want.

You know i'm happy to play BTB/Invasion/firefight/customs whenever i'm on the game.

i'd play but i'm away from my xbox too much and during that little time i'm tryingto complete fist of the north star (loving that game) if and when i finally have regular access to my box of wonders i wouldn't mine joining you