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Hey all,

First post here and it's a "OMG PLZ LET ME JOIN U!" thread. I have never joined an Xbox 360 clan/guild/group throughout the years of myself actually owning the console and playing games. I've always been a PC fanatic. I've decided that this should change, but I require a group to game with. Deleting the majority of my friends list (most I don't know IRL and are barely online when I am) I'd like to join a clan that's both close and active. Oh and before we begin, I don't play CoD anymore and have no interest in doing so again.


The name's Rich Edmonds (obvious from the GT), 21 years old and I'm from Essex, UK. I used to work as an SEO technician for a few years in London before moving into freelance journalism, where I'm currently at WPCentral.com which covers the Windows Phone platform. In my spare time I enjoy gaming and web development with a few side projects in the works.

I have had extensive experience managing a top clan back in the days of Unreal Torunament 2004, the >BIG< clan to be precise (2006-2007). I was co-leader and pretty much managed the website and forums, as well as the server (we had one of the most popular ****/racing servers at the time). During that time we entered into a few friendly challenges as well as a competition but we soon pulled due to bias judges and officials. I took pride in bringing a mature spark to the clan with weekly meetings, friendly banter and more.

Since being in >BIG<, I spent the majority of my time switching MMORPGs and being in countless groups and guilds, none satisfying my needs. As mentioned above, it's time I registered my devotion once again. I intend to take this very seriously.

What I'll bring

What can I bring? Well a part from myself and all the qualities I believe I have, I have a valid Invision Power Board license that could prove useful in creating a powerful foundation for the clan community. It's doing nothing and I need to use it somewhere. Back to me, I can list what I can bring to a clan:

  • Dedication - call me to be present and I'll be online unless I'm working that I can't get out of.
  • Time - I have a lot of spare time on my hands being self-employed, something that will change, but for now I'd prefer to enjoy it.
  • Humour - I enjoy having a giggle as much as the next guy, but I prefer raising the lulz whenever I can.
  • Maturity - since I've survived the teen years and have worked in the big smoke, I can safely say I have a good level of maturity.
  • Competitiveness - I take everything extremely seriously and will battle to the end, even if the team is hopelessly losing.
  • Team Player - I'm a massive team player and can mould to whoever I'm partnered with.

Games I play

Here's a short list of games I'm currently playing right this very moment (not all at once):

  • Halo: Reach
  • Mass Effect 2 (again)
  • GTA IV
  • Left for Dead 2
  • Oblivion

I'm not interested in CoD since MW and have no desire to get back into it. I'm up for investing money into games that the clan covers (that I don't own) so I can provide my assistance and qualities where it's needed.

Thanks in advance,



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Hi,i have just joined a new clan...swg they are a good bunch but i think they lack closeness and they dont play many games together.maybe you could buddy up with me on there and we will see what we can get going??

Hello Rich,

I'm a member of British Elite Mercenaries and we're a close knit clan that has been going strong for a number of years now. We play a multitude of games together but the ones we play/intend to play competitively are CoD, Gears 3 and BF3.

However, we do interclan tourneys on fifa, need for speed and there are members in the clan (me for example) that literally *** games like Halo: Reach, Oblivion, Mass Effect just to name a few.

Pop on over to our site and have a gander around and if we feel right for you drop an app in matey,


Hey there!  [AFO] All for one is a new clan that has just started up and we are looking for new members! we have a dedicated team that plays together regularly, and we are looking to build up a community that helps its fellow gamers out, is a place to make new friends and share gaming knowledge. We are very team work orientated and everyone is very friendly and chilled. if you and your friends are interested in joining then please visit us here http://afoclan.co.uk/

We are also a mature clan so we ask that members are over 21, our oldest member is in his 50's, so our comunity is mature yet diverse :)

When you sign up you will gain access to our forums where you can discuss games, set up matches.

At the moment we have a ranking system so if you wanted to become a full member you can go through a trial period, if we accept you then we can put you on a  team that is more competitive and will play in clan battles, if this is more your scene :)

Hope to see you there!