Looking For An Xbox One? Didn't Preorder? Look Here.

Found a pretty good thread going on over at the Best Buy forum.  I was lucky enough to Pre-order elsewhere back in August.  But for you folks who wasn't able to pre-order it IS still completely possible to snag up an Xbox One on 11/22.  I would advise starting around page 20 or so, more updated information there.  And keep in mind this is for Best Buy stores in the United States.  Good luck.



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Great find mate. In answer to your last post, it depends what time of day it is. UKers like us don't really have need of Bestbuy news, nor do we get a lot of it, but having said that it wouldn't hurt us to share that info if we found it, with some Americans or my fellow Canadians.

Yeah glad I could help someone.  I'm surprised I didn't see the link on the forum yet, unless I completely looked over it.  I found it late last night and already helped out a friend who all but lost hope in getting one.  

Many thanks fella. I got someone on my friends list that has been looking so I will send him the link.