Looking for a Friendly Community..


Why The Old School gamers?

We play all the usual games, but it’s not about us, it’s about you….

What games you play and that you enjoy playing win or lose…

Do you play online with a few good friends? You will you find more at The OSG…

Got a few old games that you would love to play again?

Chances are we love them too…

The OSG are an over 25’s community, but really, we are all big kids at heart…

Register at http://www.theoldschoolgamers.co.uk and see why……

There's always someone online to game with...



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come along and see what you think, great bunch of people. great bunch of mates. aways a fun night to be had.

Yes you sound alright.

I registered but sorry I can't stand the ads.

The OSG Weekly

Welcome to my Little Diary of whats going on rat the OldSchoolGames this Week..

Today 3rd July - Black Ops - 8pm

Monday 4th July - Gears Of War 2 - 8pm

Tuesday 5th July - Red Dead Redemption Co-Op Night - 8pm

Wednesday 6th July - Black Ops Zombies - 8pm

Thursday 7th July - Retro Night - Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - 8pm

There's always someone online playing somethink...

Thanks to everyone that joined in with Bops last night..

Some great Games & laughs

Gears 2 tonight and its 4x XP as well

A busy few weeks have been had by all, what with updating our website and still gaming almost every night.

A huge thank you to all our Members who carried on hosting and arranging games, while the site was being worked on behind the scenes ...  The new graphics look amazing, and our latest threads have really got every one fired up... 

With the BOPs Challenge night over, we are all looking forward to the next challenge night,  as well as all the regular game nights...

We have fantastic members who go to make our community one of the friendliest on Earth

Come over and see for yourself....


The new website is looking excellent, congrats to the techy folk of the clan.

Hopefully be able to get some gaming time with you all this week as I am off work. Looking forward to the Reach night on Tuesday.

Halo Tuesday, GTA 4 Wednesday, Forza 3 Thursday and MW2 tonight.  What more could you want ?

Thanks to Para and Owljim for being the first two to post on our XBL thread..

It was great to see everyone turn up for MW2 tonight....

Err, you can all stop shooting now I'm posting....

Looks like another busy wk at the OSG.

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