Looking for a clan where you can work your way up the ranks?

As a start, thanks for checking us out.

So who are we?

We're a group of mature and fun players who cooperate to further progress our gaming experience. Essentially, SWG (Sidewinder Gaming) is a collection of teams and groups from different games uniting under one banner. For instance, one team we currently supported is Boom and operates primarily on Call of Duty, led by Tom T42 KD. I personally, along with fellow authorities rule the roost ensuring that you are kept in the loop and Each week in house competitions will be held, ensuring every member has a role and a purpose within the clan.

This is all good and well, but what's the point?

Have you ever felt that you're being left out? Playing with your friends is great, but doesn't it get a bit boring after a while? Especially if your friends are better than you. Our aim is to provide for both casual and competitive players. So, if you're a competitive Gamebattles player, we will ensure that you are up and running with a team asap. Likewise, if you're simply a casual player, we'll try and find a perfect group for you within the clan to play with.

What do we feature?

We're proud to have unique individuals with extraordinary talent, on the battlefield and off. Rad Royalty has created a Windows program that keeps track of your activity on the website and promotes you accordingly dependent upon your activity, your behaviour and contribution. For instance, you may start as a 'Team Member' and work up to Captain of a team if the program believes you are suitable, and the position arises.

Can I be at the top?

Absolutely. Whilst I (DDD) and Matt (Zombie Blackout) are head administrators of the group, there will always be positions cropping up that you can get involved with. For instance, we're currently looking for a Chief Recruiter which will come with it's own unique privileges.
As a way to increase group participation, a vote is held upon new titles and roles within the group. No one will hold a position if the clan does not believe they should.

So, if you're interested or have any other questions; don't hesitate to contact us through the website, alternatively via Drop Dead Darcy or Zombie Blackout on XBL.

Thanks! Looking forward to gaming with you!


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We have just updated to our official and dedicated website.


Still looking for recruits guys! GET SIGNED UP! you won't regret it! :)

what age ranges do you have ? because lets just say that i'm under 16. i'm mature and yes i occasionally groan when i die (doesn't everyone ?). hope to hear from you =] thanks

Hey man, how old are you? you're right that everyone does groan, I certainly do :P

hehehe i'm 13 would that be ok ? thanks man =]

oh and plus i have had A LOT of experience with websites and admin/leader positions so yeah. just thought i stick that in too lol =P

Put in an application mate and we'll go from there :)

ok man thanks =]