Long time no see folks!

Hello there, some of you may remember me.  Some of you I see and I have no clue who you are.  Just wanted to say I popped in to see how things were going and quite frankly I'm disappointed.  Here's why.

This is the first time I have logged in for quite some time.  First time on the new forums and boy are they slow.  Having to go to the bottom of each thread to get to the next page, not able to PM someone (If you can I have NO clue on how).

Also, I see a lot of anamosity towards each other.  In simple terms "Can't we all get along?".

I have rarely seen so much abuse tolerated, perhaps I'm just getting old (Well, that parts true at least) but I have seen cursing, telling people their idiots, silly off hand remarks that make no sense to the topic nor helpfull to the poster or users within it.

The little amount of threads per page....I'm sure you all heard it before and for that I apologise.

Anyway, on a positive note (Maybe not for all hehe)...I'm back for a bit and I look forward to engaging in some constructive debates with you all.

Thanks Everyone



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Been here for a few years, but I don't remember your gamertag. Maybe I haven't been here long enough.

Yes, the forum has been through some changes. It's better now than it was at the start, but there are still problems. Maybe this is the cause of the increase in angry posts.

You seem to be a decent person and I'm sure you'll be a nice addition to the forum.

Been here a few years myself and I don't recognise you either. Still welcome back and to PM you click the little envelope icon under a person's post.

Long time no see GHK!  Nice to see an old tag!

Hey ho, mate. I'm sorry to say I don't remember you, either, but welcome back anyway!

Hmm the gametag rings a bell like. Been here since 2005. Anyhow hi welcome back. The forums are pretty crap now. Wish they bring back the old forums and members. Those where the days lol. Whagi's oblivion thread, Shawdowman think his tag was helping people with there connection. Had that Chelsea supporter who would only post on his silver account and didn't want to reveal his real gametag. That guy who was banned from posting and rated every thread a 1*. Then had some people who spammed the hell out of the forum Argos-Catalogue/Mcdonalds-Menu if I remember right. Those where the days haha.

oh hai

I remember GHK, nice to see you again sir.

Wow long time no see Mr King!



Really nice to see a face from the good old days back on here again.

Welcome back GHK... I remember you well sir!

... and yeah, things have gone downhill a bit round here... sadly...

Did someone say "Old Skool"??

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