Long Distance Relationships because of Xbox

Is there anyone else in a long distance relationship because of Xbox or over Xbox? I have been with my fiancee(recently) for a little over a year now, we first met on MW2. We were playing Hardcore Search and Destroy, and she NEVER plays it unless she is with friends and i ALWAYS play search especially hardcore. So the one day she chose to play it by herself she hops into my game, and she usually mutes everyone and same for me, we did mute everyone but by chance we didn't mute each other and we were on the same team. She laughed when she saw me freak out and get killed and that's how it started off. I am a Christian and so is she, and she liked the song in my bio and that was another thing that helped. So we thank God for bringing us together, we just need Him to help us through hard times. It is hard, and it gets harder. Especially since she lives in Canada and I live in the US. I wanna move to Canada and be with her and finish up my studying for accounting and have a awesome life with her. The applications and time to wait are just long and make it seem impossible and hard. I wish there was some Microsoft sponsoring thing to where they could just ship me there and let me stay there for good, i know it would be god publicity for them and they could even have thing where they did that every year. Just pick a random couple and help them get united no matter what country they live in. But i don't think that they would do that, Microsoft is awesome but that is a lot of work on them. Any way, i know there are more of you than just me out there in a long distance relationship on Xbox, comment and let me know your story  how you are doing and give any advice you can to make it easier, i would also return advice if i can. Maybe Microsoft can get this out there. Lol


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uh, did you two ever even meet IRL? and, only knowing someone for about a year isn't long enough to really know them enough to already be engaged. also, if you're too cheap and impaitient to have the mind to come to an xbox forum and complain that getting together is too "hard", then you really don't know the implications of a relationship. i am betting you both are still under 21.

I agree with escare but if this truely makes you happy more power to you man.

is this a joke?? Is this  a April fools joke in November??

I play so much it's driving my wife further and further away and we live together. Does that count?

Just kidding. Did you ever meeet this girl in real life? Also, moving to Canada or getting a visa to live there shouldn't be too hard especially if you get married.


This is a joke, yes? 

I am not one to meet people online, but if that's what you did, congrats! There is someone out there for everyone, and maybe your someone was not near you. I could never do a long distance relationship. But at least you get to play games when you want to talk to her :p I am not allowed to play until she falls asleep. Haha

Yes we have met in real life. We fly back and forth all the time. And we aren't too cheap, we are over 21, it's called finishing up college.  I have known her for over a year, we started dating a little over a year ago. And believe me, it is harder than you think to just get up and move to Canada. You have to wait 1 year minimum just for the papers you send in to go through, oh and one packet can cost up to around $400. And I am not complaining, I am voicing my opinion and saying whats on my mind considering that forums can be used for that. Maybe if you did a little more research instead of just commenting you would know. If you don't like the post then don't comment.

- God bless

Anthonymrb, I understand how you feel, it has happened in past relationships with me. Lol. It's actually good to see a nice comment instead of "is this a joke." One thing you could do is have her play with you and see how she likes it. It is pretty fun to play COD with her, she is good. But not as good as me. Even though I am not the best, i still have some skill. Check out my You Tube. and let me know what you think. youtube.com/bvose777.

Long distance relationships really don’t work, they may seem like they do however unless you see the person, and interact with the person on a daily bases you are just walking through a dark tunnel. Here’s some good advice. If you are really in need of a relationship fine a dating service online in your local area. Doing a long distance relationship is not the way to go but than again you guys are only kids.

Riven57, think whatever you want because you seem to be living in the past. And trust me, we aren't kids.

Have a great day

-God bless

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