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On the xbox360 if you wanted to log two people in to the machine you used to log in using two controllers with the sign in option and you could easliy know which controller is logged in with each controller. One the xbox one do you do the same thing. Log in two people by two different controllers as there are no rings on the controllers anymore so it's difficult to know who is logged in to which controller when trying two player games. Any advice or tips would be helpful

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The Xbox One console uses the Kinect sensor to identify who's holding which controller. For example, you're signed with your profile & all of your settings while using controller 1 & your friend is signed in with his/her profile & all of their settings while using controller 2. If your friend were to hand you controller 2 & you hand your friend controller 1, it would see this via the camera & transfer your settings to the new controller in your hand & their settings to the new controller in their hand. It's actually very spiffy & is why you don't see the old ring on the controller from the ol' days. =D

Does this only happen when you have the login with kinect option set as on.  And is it best to keep this setting as on

Sounds amazing, I have turned sign in with kinect off, because my son who as a one upstairs, comes down to say something, it logs him in on my xbox and out on his, and it was a pain, so how does it work with kinect sign in turned off? I hope it still logs everything with the kinct but would be nice to have it confirmed.

You can still sign in your profile using voice commands. Simply say: "Xbox, sign in as [insert real 1st name on account here]."


So under my account, my name is Keith, so I simply say: "Xbox, sign in as Keith" - it hasn't failed me yet.