[LOCKED] Please Read Xbox Moderators!

me And My Mate Are Trying To Play 1 Decent Game Of Cod4 s&d And Moderrs Are Coming In Teleporting And I Cant Kill Them  They Jump Really High And Text Comes Up On The Side Of The Screen.


Moddders Names:


(Mod Removed - Gamertags)


Please Help[p Cod 4 Is Ruined :[


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This isn't down to MS to sort unfortunately, responsibility lies with the devs. Also, you aren't allowed to name and shame gamertags here. Best thing to do is file a complaint and move on. Remember, if you ever find yourself in a modded lobby, dashboard out to avoid your stats being messed up.

Moderators only ban/suspend people on the forums.

If there are modders in a game, file a complaint against them and the XBL Enforcement Team will investigate it and ban them if neccessary.

never trusted that lady gaga

They'd rather shift more games out, (MW3) rather than fixing the ones they already have your money for. Keep this in mind when you're about to buy MW3... This game will end up in the same state... Will they care? Of course not.

But will we still buy it in droves and complain when it gets hacked? Of course.

What's with the capital letter for every word bro?

Its against the forum Rules to name and Shame, Yes we know its annoying and all but just report,Block them and move on thats all you can do. And like woody said Dashboard as soon as you get into a modded lobby!

[quote user="Black Barstuard"]

What's with the capital letter for every word bro?


Apart from the very first word, where there should be one.

Also, OP: What's a moddder? Is it like an uber modder?

Whilst its an awful thing to have the games you like to play with mates ruined by the hackers and the very community that MW2 has created in the COD universe....if you know a game is broken to buggery, constantly trying to still play the game is pointless...find something else to play. Moaning and crying about it will change nothing, nor will naming and shaming people you cant prove are guilty and arent here to defend themselves

OP, as others have stated, please use the complaint system through your console, and let the Xbox LIVE Policy Enforcement Team take action as they deem necessary. There is nothing that can be done on these forums regarding this issue.


With that said, I'll go ahead and lock this, thanks for your understanding.