Load Times Confusion + Friends List/Party/Recent Players Suggestion.

    About the load times. I am pretty disappointed about having to wait about 20 seconds just to load things like somebodies profile page or the my clips list page. Everything takes just long enough for me to not care and avoid using them using them. Why is everything so much slower except start up and game resume times? (The instant resume things sounds amazing for a new Elder Scrolls single player game by the way.) But with the newly built 300,000 new servers and a more powerful console I was hoping to see speeds faster than the Xbox 360. That is not the case for most things.

   About the terrible friends function. How about not having such a pointlessly big profile rectangle on the dashboard and instead make it smaller or just make it disappear to a profile/friends/party/recent players area accessed after clicking the Xbox button and then the Right Thumb Stick or something. The Xbox 360 menu worked perfectly and the vast minority that could have been complaining cannot be satisfied with the inaccessibility of this new menu. Not everything had to be changed when switching focus to this new console.


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as for your 1st issue...make sure you exit apps... youmight have too many running...  while on dashboard and app selected.. hit "pause" then exit... if not... then you need to try a hard restart..... this is a PC after-all... and needs to be rebooted.. the Xbox off does not power cycle the unit.. it just puts it to sleep...  hold down the power button until it turns off....(10 seconds or so)... let it sit.... then restart

Their is another reason for the long load times when accessing friends list etc.  Your entire dashboard is stored on "the cloud" if your internet connection is having problems, or Microsofts servers are having problems, then this will show in your dashboard being slow.  


I noticed the other night my dashboard wasnt loading in fully (alot of my pins were missing) but after a few minutes they finally appeared.

3rd Party apps all load up very quickly, it's just the featured Xbox one apps that do things very slowly. And because I have had so many errors occur I have been told to power cycle many times by Xbox support on twitter and it works for curing errors but not for load times. At least for me.