Live TV on Xbox One - Where is it!!

So is anyone else wondering when Microsoft are going to provide UK customers with the product they advertised. On the Xbox 360, every country has their own exclusive dashboard where they get content tailored to them. Back when Microsoft were trying to sell their Xbox One's, they crammed advertising and promotional videos onto the Xbox 360 dashboard in an attempt to get gamers interested after the abysmal E3 responce. The Videos on the UK dashboard had Yusuf Mehdi exclaiming proundly that Xbox One would revolutionise how we watch TV. Claiming we could port our digital set top boxes through the One and change channels by voice command. Bear in mind that this is on the UK Xbox 360 dashboard & you can still watch them to this day. No where in these videos does anyone say that it won't work in the UK. Why? Because they want to sell the units and are happy to decieve us. In fact prior to the launch of the Xbox One you would have had to search very hard to find any information on what the Xbox One could or couldn't do.

But here's the thing. By placing this video on a dashboard that is tailored to UK gamers and containing a feature that isn't available to all who view it, Microsoft are crossing into the murky waters of violating both the Sales of Goods Act and the Trade Descriptions Act. Everyone who viewed the video and purchased the Xbox One arguably has the right to a full refund.

I put it to Microsoft that they need to fast track whatever updates they have in regards to getting this TV function working because it is exposing a very nasty loophole which is costing them more than they know.

For example. I purchased a standard edition console just after launch for £429. I was surprised to see that the TV function didn't work. Although it wasn't alone because most things didn't work. (loading rings, chat, Kinect............) . Over the next 2/3 months I regularly called Xbox Live's support number to complain about the various issues and general poor Xbox Live service that One gamers had in comparison to 360 gamers. I went back to my 360 and my One became a very expensive dust holder! I decided not to touch it until Titanfall was released as i'd seen that updates were pending to coincide with the next gens flagship title.

When it came close to the launch of Titanfall, game bundles started to appear and I was disgusted to see that the price had been dropped exponentially. £399 for a console, Titanfall & 1 month's Xbox Live Gold. That's a reduction of around £90 by my reckoning. After suffering all the broken aspects of the launch product, Microsofts reward to the customers who purchased their product first is to offer it to others for £90 less.

Here's was my response to Microsoft. I immediately boxed up my console, drove to the retailer I had purchased it from and got a full cash refund. How. Simple. I sited that the product hadn't been sold as advertised and that after giving Microsoft a reasonable amount of time to update the product to full working order I was not prepared to wait any longer and am returning it as damaged goods. Fully within my consumer rights. The retailer returned to product to Microsoft and so they've made a loss on that product.

I used that £429 to purchase a £399 Titanfall edition from another retailer saving myself £54 for a digital edition game and I got back £30 and 1 month's live gold.

It won't stop there. Microsoft are still advertising the amazing TV functions of the Xbox One on the UK dashboard of the Xbox 360 and so if they haven't fixed it by the time The Elder Scrolls Online console bundles are released then i'll do exactly the same again. There's nothing that can be legally done to stop me doing this other than updating the console so that the broken features work and that the TV function works as advertised!!!!

I've fully supported Xbox Live for nine years, been loyal and spent thousands in that time but the poor service and support we've received in the last four months has stretched my loyalty to the franchise to breaking point. And I'm positive I'm not alone. Playstation are smelling blood in the waters of Xbox Live. The evidence being that whilst Microsoft are slashing prices, Sony are doing the reverse.

To finish. The naming of the Xbox One has taken on new meaning for me. Microsoft wanted it to show the console as all in one system. Unfortunately for me it just highlights how it's predecessor was 360 x better. And I think that in the next 12 months people might be more inclined to think that maybe Microsoft should have named it the "Xbox Dreamcast".


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These things take time buddy!

Im also looking forward to the live tv function

But as im sure you know every country has there own laws regarding tv service and diffrent tv providers.

So getting every country going will take time

But im sure ms will get there

Just think back to day one on the 360 totaly diffrent place to what it is now

Anyway keep the faith dude greatness takes time;-)

You're right, every country does have their own laws. False advertising is a law in the UK along with Obtaining Money by Deception. It could be argued in a court of law that Microsoft are guilty of both. They were fully aware that the function wasn't available in the UK and wouldn't be for some time to come and yet, fully aware they still chose to upload the videos onto the UK Xbox 360 dashboard. No disclaimer that it didn't work! It's now over four months since the launch and still nothing. Not even an apology for the deception.

I totally agree with you about greatness taking time tho.

I remember the day one dashboard of the Xbox 360 dashboard, I remember the problems. The greatness in the Xbox 360 was the seven years of feedback from Xbox Lives' gaming community. Seven years of telling them what we liked, what we didn't like and what they could do better.

Seven years of feedback that they threw away when they designed and built the Xbox One from the ground up. That's why they've had such a negative backlash from their own gaming community and that's why they've had to do so many about faces over the last couple of months. Because they've simply stopped listening to the most important people in their world. Their paying customers.

Cheers for the info genchy

That looks pretty cool hope we get it in the uk

If your in the preview you can get the one guide to work just shut down the tv app go to setting and put in your post code then select your tv provider.

Job done.

The one guide will now work but voice command are still limited at the moment.

But its a step forward check it out IF YOUR ON THE PREVIEW