Live Event Player not very lively

Why doesnt MS take advantage of the Live Event player and give us something like,I don't know,maybe a Live event? It would help set them above Sony if maybe they hosted free weekly concerts or MMA fights.As it stands now  they only use this app twice a year-at E3 and COD Championship Tournaments.Its about time they stepped up their game and start delivering some awesome content.Dont wait for the competition MS.Raise the bar before they do.


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It does give us a live event, clearly you are not using your operating brain. No live events are happening right now. Patience is a virtue. If you had patience, you would not make this thread. Of course, when you ran your mouth, no one responded. If they did respond, they would have told you that you had no grounds upon all this nonsense. Next time, have patience.

Seriously jeteye,you should apply to become an official xbox support member.

The sheer quality of your last few posts are unmatched.

Blatant ignorance, THEOWENKILLER. If someone wanted to be a ratchet troll, they would risk it. You on the other hand, are being very tiresome.

thats kinda funny cause i was thinking about the same thing. jeteye. he had every right to ask that question because they HARDLEY ever use the live event player. people have patience they just dont sit on their *** and let company's run over them with useless features and pretending like its a bargin. if you had half a brain like your accusing this guy of not having then honestly you would have known this lol. moron. and dont bother posting back as i block trolls /unsubscribe to a thread i dont want to see again.    your petty attempt in the future to messge me will fail before i were to show the logic to you XD

ps i predict a very violent/unintelligent response. there is no denying my logic :)

sounds arrogant right? get used to it you do it to people all the time troll. no one asked you for your dumbfounded opinion

They could do a live trivia game show hosted by Brooke Burns on Friday nights.Whowever gets the most correct answers gets a free game and a chance to play a Kinect mini game for a bigger prize like a custom console.The mini game could be like sinking a putt on a mini course.Dont put Major Nelson on it though.Weve seen him enough.

My opinion is not dumbfounded, it is blunt. I am not a moron, I actually get A's in Math. That response to my post is just some molten lava nonsense you got from a real, actual troll.

Be quiet.

If we could leave the name calling and personal attacks out of the posts that would be much appreciated. Thank you.


You're welcome.