little idea.... (xbox live guest accounts)

i was thinking .. what about making GUEST account loggeable from everyone xbox player to play on xbox live without a xbox live gold account. off corse this is just a "GUEST" account so you cant enter into xbox live party, no rewards, no online progression, no achiviements. what do you think guys??


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Then you would get a FLOOD of newly created silver accounts, just for the purpose of greifing, hacking, and trolling in all games.


At least with the system we have now, there is some kind of punishment when an account gets suspended or banned, due to money spent on gold and DLC.

maybe but its okay to have a free to play accounts ?? and punishment obviously affects all console accounts ;)

Punishment doesnt affect ALL console accounts unless there is a console ban..and even then, the console ban may not affect any or all GT's associated with that console.


And honestly i dont like free to play accounts on Xbox. I even avoid online games while there is a free to play weekend in effect. Part of the price of Gold is having the Enforcement Team, and some kind of actual punishment for modders/ greifers.


Otherwise the system turns in PSN...if you ever get suspended or banned, just take 1 min to create a new account, and you are back online doing what you were doing... That is IF you ever get punished.