Little disappointments with the One

I now have had my Xbox One since it's release. Over all I am enjoying it, the games look great, and it's working well. I like the voice commands to control game, apps and my television viewing.

That being said there are a few things from the 360 that I miss, and I can not understand why they didn't carry over to the One.

Voice Mail: Several times while playing BF4, I have tried to send a quick message to someone who isn't using game chat(in a party). To try and send a message when you can, while dead, to get to where you can send a message....type it out..then navigate back usually ends up with me getting disconnected. It's even a hassle to just send a message to offline friends. Why is there no voice mail for the one?

Recently met players: Was always nice to meet someone you liked while playing a game, then send them friend request. Be it immeditly or a few hours later. now it's difficult to do so, if at all.

Joining friends: Used to be able to just pick a friend off your list , then have an option to join them. Can't do that any longer. Can only be done if the game supports it.


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these will come in time..... be patient...

i always enjoy those answers, fantastic, lol!

For the messages why not use smartglass?

maybe because not everybody has smartglass?

You can get it... it's free...

Most people nowadays have either a smart phone OR a tablet.  I know there are people who don't, but it was a suggestion.  Why not let the OP answer for himself.  Seems like you're just looking for an argument.

I love those answer as well.... LOL

and honestly....  the machine has been out a little over 8 weeks... how fast do updates and fixes come out?? especially the first real update.. I mean really.... machine will live to be 10 years old.... it has been 2 months

MS has stated that they are bringing "recently played" list back, not sure why it wasn't there in the first place, but whatever.  


I'm also curious why they couldn't update the 360 to use the same audio codec as the One.  Using a higher quality audio format normally doesn't require higher system specs or additional hardware.  Hopefully they will patch in the 360 at some point.

Whenever I try and send a message from my iphone on smartglass... it makes a screen come up on my xbox one where I have to sign in.... so I've stopped doing it as I found this to be very annoying