Omg first you ban me here for 1 day now you remove my thread what next Microsoft ban my gamertag and console, why isn't this a discussion forum I express my opinion I was not rude or aggressive to any 1 explain, or do you just want me to be fake and praise your console, im judging by the headlines that are floating around the net. No doubt its good but give me a reason why I was banned and the thread was removed youll probably remove this too anyways enjoy your launch ill go for the console that's aimed at gamers

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Enjoy your PS4.

Door's that way ---> don't let it hit you on the way out.

I sure will dude but I haven't decided a week yet so maybe the xone will look good will be checking youtube later there probably be more comparisons, need to see more gaming on xbox one and 3rd party titles come first for me anyways

@ OP: Off topic- Xbox one forum.

lol you were never getting an Xbox One. Nice try troll.

You expressed your PS4-biased opinion over and over and over again across several threads.  This is an xbox forum...what did you think would happen?


Worthless troll is most certainly worthless.

An email was sent to the account which was suspended and gives you the reason for said suspension.