List of stuff that need fixed or updated?

1.need to bring back the ring so we know what player you are.
2.rumble isn't very strong. (when i tried it at the store.)
3.make it so you can use hdmi in when the system is off.
4.make the controller pc compatible.
5 . Use pc resolutions...
6.Backwards compatability. Would make things easier.

7.- Battery indicator

8.Demo section on XBL Store able to join or host a party that can be joinable to both system.


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1. We don't need the rings; you know who you are & the Kinect does too through the controller.

2. Any more rumble & you'll break your wrist or fingers - store's controller's weak from usage.

3. Not sure what you mean by this - if the system is off, it's OFF.

4. It uses a USB cable; if it doesn't already, I'm sure it will.

5. Up to the developer.

6. Easier for what exactly? Also, not practical or profitable.

7. Already got it in last update - what rock are you living under again?

8. Up to developers.

9. Tech is not compatible.

There are USB connections out there for the controller, but, there is no software out for it to be usable. You can find some userware for it to be compatible but honestly it is not wise to get it.

Agree with you GG