liscence transfer accident

me and my friend was having a sleep over

so i decided to buy the black ops 3 preorder

and dont starve on my friend account by accident

so we decided to tranfer it onto my account 

now according to my friend he can download it free

so i googled it and this is illegal i had no idea im worried  i will be banned 

i didnt know it was bad so what do we do???

this is on xbox one

dont email dedicated to this account email here: [Mod removed]


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and one thing we tried to fix his fifa by downloading that and tranfered it so i could play on disc and walking dead cus my other account that got banned had it but since i had to delete it from old storage i have to pay for it so i tranfered it but i realised

i dont know how much i tranfered i think 4 or 3 but fifa didnt work so

does this mean im safe or no

turns out the fifa doesnt work i need the disc

so forget it im safe

So, you were already banned once and you continue to do shady things?   smh

no i accidental transfered and my other account was banned for no reason apparently i modded my tenure but i dunno but im worried that ill get banned for sorting this so i want microsoft aware