Limited editions.

Would like to see how many people here preordered the limited edition forza or the hardened or prestige edition of cod.I ordered the limited edition of forza and the hardened edition of cod.


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I never preorder anything for more than retail, I pick my pc games up in sales, and try to avoid buying things I can live without and pick them up at a later date.

I once picked up the halo 3 legendary edition when it was the "last halo", we all know how well that turned out.

The thing is limited editions, hardened editions in console games I doubt will ever have any real value, I don't see 50 years from now people going "oh my god collectors edition COD" because there will be 20,000 of them.

I guess for people who serious collect everything in their favourite franchise can be good if its a collectors hobby, but for me I just want to play the game so I pretty much look at value for money these days because I am cheap I guess you could say.

I dont really buy these editions for a future resale.I mostly wanted the cod because im gonna buy the map packs anyways.The forza has some nice perks also.I dont think for one second 20 years down the road im gonna make a fortune from them.

I'm starting to feel the same way as Dark, I've gotten a few collectors editions and a few of them due to the game apparently being the 'last of the series'


Well I'm not falling for that anymore. I still might get one if it interest me enough, but it would have to be pretty damn special or have some nice in game content.

I will say the only limited ediition i ever bought just for collectible value was the Bioshock songbird edition.I really thinks its awesome.

On the 360 I went through a phase of buying the Limited Edition where possible ie if I wanted a certain game and it came in a LE I got it.


In the end I had too much cr$p building up and I have now moved house and a lot of it is still packed up in a box in the cupboard.


I liked a few LEs and would get them again like Forza and Gears of War 1.


On the One I have preordered Forza LE because I always get Forza LEs lol. But I always get all dlc and always want all cxars even if I am paying a few bucks for a paintjob.


Day One Edition of Dead Rising 3. I did previously order RYSE and Kinect Sport Rivals simply because they had Day One Editions because I wanted to get the complete Day One colleciton but Forza broke that up with the LE and I needed to save money so I dropped RYSE and Kinect Sport has been delayed.


I preordered the Vigilante Edition of Watch_Dogs just because of the cap and mask. I am disappointed that these items do not come with the Ded_Sec edition in Australia because I would like all of the additional missions and unlocks in game.


Other than that I will make my decisions based on the items (and yes I know items like a mask or cap are not earth shattering).

I used to buy Limited Editions of games but no longer.  The extra cost isn't worth it to me.  Just more crap to keep up with.

The only reason I will buy LE anymore is it offers something for the game that I would want or download later anyways. The LE of Halo 4 was worth it because of the Season Pass. LE of Forza 5 is worth it because of the extra car packs. Otherwise, I will never do anything like the H3 legendary edition again.

yeah i think there are two things going on here. there are the legendary type editions that include future dlc and the collector type editions that come with some kind of book or statue or whatnot.

Just had to cancel my PS4 pre order to get the xbox one titan fall special edition!

@DJ Sandstorm: You realize that Titanfall doesn't come out until March, right?

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