Limited Edition Halo 5 Console - UK

There are currently 2 X-Box one Day 1 Editions with Kinect in my house, I want to replace one with the New Halo Limited Edition so what do I do ??????
Sell my day 1 edition with the pristine box and have to include my Kinect, buy a new Halo Edition (£399) then buy a Kinect (£129) to replace the one I just had to sell ???
Keep my Kinect, buy a new Halo Edition and get nothing for my day 1 edition because it's missing the Kinect ????

Orrrrr why doesn't one of these big multi billion pound companies wake-up and stop f*cking over there loyal supporters and at LEAST offer a bundle with the Kinect as part of it or do they not care that most of us probably already have a console and Kinect and don't really need 2. I'm guessing most people will try and sell there old X-Box 1 and if it's part of a bundle with a Kinect - the same should be offered in the new limited edition versions.

Or am I supposed to just buy this, keep it in the box and never use it because it's "collectable".

Rant Over !!!!!!!!


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You should ask to a retailer,how much you can get for a day one edition if you keep Kinect.See if it's worth to sell it with or without kinect.