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hi, first post here. i have the halo reach 360 and im wanting to get some more limited edition controls. im planning to get the gears 3 one tomorrow on release and have ordered the halo 3 limited edition one also. what other limited editon game specific controls is there to buy? i know theres a fable 3 one but it looks pretty crap. any suggestions appreciated. 


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If you're referring to the limited edition controllers, there's a fair bunch, including ones you can't buy. How much room do you have and how much do you want to spend?

im just looking for ideas and ill pick the ones i think are best, i dont mind spending extra money on them

Off the top of my head, first party, there have beeen:

Halo 3. Only came with the Halo 3 console.

Halo 3 Covenant

Halo 3 USNC

Halo 3 ODST. Only came bundled with ODST.

Halo Reach

Resident Evil 5 (sort-of. The limited edition Red controller was bundled with the console, but without a red P&C kit)

Fable III

Coming soon:



Star Wars Kinect

That I know of, there aren't any other USA first-party wireless controllers. There's a wireless lime green controller that came out outside the USA for use with Pro Evolution Soccer. Not sure of any others.

That's it for game tie-ins that I know of. Available at retail, there have also been:

Bright Blue



Sliver transformable d-Pad

WalMart dragon lady controller

GameStop red/black

There are also plenty of game tie-in wired controllers from MadCatz and others. Of the wired ones, I've only ever purchased the TRON one.

I had the Wally-World Dragon Lady controller. I bought it because it was unique... Then one day, I actually looked at it. God, what a stupid, ugly design that thing had on it. I traded it to a friend for a black w/grey controller. I also have the green Halo 3 controller, which I have skinned.


Don't forget the gold C-3PO controller that comes with Star Wars edition 360.

Original white!

I went with the Gears of War limited edition controller, it included some downloadable skins for the game. I don't know if any other controllers have any incentives. The only downside right now,  there's no Gears of War limited edition play and charge kit for it.

[quote user="Darker Reaper"]The only downside right now,  there's no Gears of War limited edition play and charge kit for it.[/quote]Other than the limited edition Red controller, I don't believe there has ever been a limited edition Play and Charge kit. They're all either Black or Grey. The GOW3 controller has a black battery pack, so black P&C kit is the order of the day.

    I know there's websites that sell custom controllers. With different colored LED rings or custom paint jobs, they even do special orders where you can put stuff like your gamertag on it. Here's one for example

    There are many other sites as well, but most of them are in the business of making rapid fire controllers, which I believe are against Microsoft Policy, but I'm not sure.

Yea I didn't like that it was black. It would of been cool, if it had a custom charger. I still like the controller though.