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I was just talking with a friend who was interested in a license transfer between our accounts. I for one haven't participated in one before, but I get the general idea. My only question is about the effects of the license transfer. When I download games off his account or vise versa, are they removed from one account and placed onto another, or any other things that may occur that could affect one or both accounts in a negative way. Any feedback is appreciated.


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Well, if I'm following you, it seems that you want to do a license transfer between your friends account and your own? Thereby enabling you, and him, to play each others game without buying them yourselves? I think that would constitute theft and lead to you both having your accounts banned and your consoles bricked.

Okay, I was thinking about that when my friend explained it to me, but I didn't know if it worked like that. Thanks for the feedback

I believe my friend just has a misunderstanding on how exactly a license transfer worked and its purpose, and I was misinformed on what a license transfer does.

Yea, as eber mentioned, this would be classified as "Marketplace Theft" and would get your account and/or console banned.