License Transfer Abuse.

Hey, I Wasn't too sure on where to post this, I figured this to be appropriate...

Anyway, Here's the thing, There's a certain someone on my friends list who's openly admitting, to having abused the License transfer repeatedly, I'm not sure how he'd gotten around the once per year rule, but he has, I recently found out that he'd been talking my little brother who has no idea what the license transfer is, into giving him content, Most of what I can see has been Borderlands 2 content.

I Was just wondering if there was any way to stop this player from stealing content, If he's talking minors into giving him free Content, it's not right...

I'd be happy to help verify what content has been stolen and such from my brother, And I Can give the Gamertag to any Xbox/Microsoft Employee if they'd wish to inquire.

Once again, sorry if this is in the wrong section of the forums.


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Your an ambassador,surely you know the procedure?

No, This Xbox ambassadorship only suggests that I do, I'm only somewhat Knowledgeable about the procedure of reporting someone directly, without the use of 'File Complaint', I'm mostly knowledgeable of xbox hardware problems, than the whole License Business.

Report the person through the console. Since he would have needed your brother's account to recover it to his console to do the license transfer, get your brother to change all his account details if he already hasn't.

If he's done it to a great many people he could even be looking at a console ban.

Also worth knowing for an Ambassador is that the license transfer limit is now once every four months and it only applies on the account level, doing a license transfer for my account would not prevent my sister from doing the transfer on the same console for example. 

ummm...the rules for license transfers were changed sometime no longer requires you to wait for a year to change licenses. somewhere aroune 90 to 180 days now