LG Smart TV "Dual Play" mode!

I've been keeping an eye on TV prices and recently found what looked like a good deal on an LG smart TV. The set has a 42" screen but the set is only a tiny bit bigger than my 5 year old 37" samsung. Great as I don't have room for a bigger box!

Anyway, looking at the reviews of the set I see it does a thing called "Dual Play" where it takes a split screen game and produces 2 full screen images using special glasses. See here

That looks great in the ad., but as far as I can tell each player will get a half screen image stretched to fill the whole screen and I can't live with that much image distortion! Reading other forums, I get the impression that there are some games that are compatible with this tech and output split screen as a 3DTV picture to give an undistorted picture to both players.

Anyone out there know if this is true?


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Nobody have one of these? Really?

Oh well I'm off up town to see if I can make a salesman's head explode.

What do you think my chances of getting someone to demo an xbox and TV together in a shop! About 0%?

If its the Lg LM42620T I got that last week, not used the dual play though yet.

That's the one I was looking at. It's gone down another £30 since I looked in the week. (you probably don't want to hear that!)

To do the Dual play, you need 2 pairs of special glasses. These are the same as the passive 3D ones you get with the set, but one pair is double left, and the other is double right. You can buy these, or make your own if you don't mind popping the lenses out of your normal 3d glasses.

One of my friends has an LG TV with this mode. We did have a little go on MW3, but to be honest you can still slightly make out what is going on with the other person's game. It's a nice idea, but it doesn't really work that well. Maybe one day they will get it right.


The aspect ratio doesn't seem stretched if you get what I mean, so there isn't much image 'distortion'.


I'd save you money and get a bigger HD TV, 3D gaming hasn't really taken off yet.

I had a go with the 3d in the shop. Very impressed with the passive 3D. The horizontal viewing angle was super, but moving to far up and down stopped the glasses working and you got a lot more cross talk. You need to be sitting at the same level as the TV. (Good idea anyway)

I can't fit a bigger screen into the space! These TV's have a really small bezel, so this 42" TV is about 1/2" wider than my current 37"!

I also think that both 3D and dual play are a bit of a gimmick, but to be honest, this looks like a bargain even without that tech!

I watched some of the Olympics in 3D, worth it, and if you have a 3D Blu-ray player, WELL worth it !

dual play is a gimmick i agree, 3d however isnt in my opinion. there are loads of 3d enabled games now, and some of them are amazing.

Looking to get a 3d tv today as my old set blew up this morning!

Anybody any advice looking to spend a maximum £700 and for it to be between 40" and 46" cheers :)

Cant reccomend these LG tvs enough. Last year I bought the LG450U i think it was which has the passive 3d and its very good. It was 700 quid bout 16 months ago on amazone probably about 500 now and its 42 inch.

www.amazon.co.uk/.../ref=sr_1_6 although its now somehow 50 quid more than when i bought it last year

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