Leveling Up Your Reputation: Notifications Coming Soon


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I've not read it all but it looks like getting bad rep could stop you accessing things like Twitch Broadcasting etc ...


About time bad rep should of blocked peeps from getting on xbox live for a week or 2,  would of put a stop to all the kids coming on and giving Gamers a hard time back on the xbox 360 when it first came out....

I've not read how all this will work but my concern is will it still be open so 'some' can abuse the system?

I mean we all know there's people out there that will give you bad rep just for beating them in a game ( fairly and squarely ) so if someone has done nothing wrong apart from say being good at one game, how will they suffer if they have received a load of bad feedback from lets say the sore losers out there?

@ lofty,

It says in the page you linked to that you should be okay as the way they monitor it they can tell if it's being done maliciously or not.

[quote] Remember, we designed the algorithm so it won’t penalize you for bad reports over a few weeks of play. The system also adjusts for false reports from people that might intentionally report someone of greater skill or for other griefing purposes.[/quote]

So I don't think people need to worry about running into a team of sore losers and they all start filing reports on you for bad behaviour.

As for notifications I know others have mentioned it in the past but I hope it can be tailored to only notify you when favourites come online, gonna get mighty annoying when the next big game comes out and you get pop ups every 2 minutes!

Cheers Codger ...

So at least someone like me with my awesome superior "L33T" gaming skills doesn't have to worry about sore losers ;-p

Thanks for the info Lofty! I do have to say that rep didn't mean a whole lot to me on the 360 BUT now that its public for all to see...I care a bit more lol!

@ Cloud ...

Just don't play Forza 5 with people that don't know your driving style and you'll be fine ;-)

I knew that was coming :P

Seriously bud, my rep sucks on 360. I think its like 40% positive lol

Mine wasn't good on the 360 either lol

The one that always made me chuckle was "Overly Aggressive" I always got hammered on that one,  that came from playing games like COD, Battlefield etc, surely that's the point of those games right? unless I was suppose to take them for a walk in the moonlight? lol

My favourite was  the trash talk or whatever it was called, funny how I was rated down for that when I was 100%  full time in a party!

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