Let's Talk DirectX 12 & The Future of XOne

Wardell, Brad. (2014, April 04). DirectX 12: A game changer for Xbox One. Neowin. Retrieved from: http://www.neowin.net/news/directx-12-a-game-changer-for-xbox-one

As stated in the article above, the implications behind DirectX 12 for the Xbox One could be the new push Microsoft needs to box out Sony in the ongoing console wars. The DirectX12 software integration promises to enhance graphics output by 50-100% on many titles for the Xbox One, effectively making games that once struggled to produce 720p, now run smoothly at 1080p.

This is all wonderful but I foresee a problem with the future of this software update. If you have a Camaro, that was built to run on a Camaro engine, you can't then place a Lamborghini engine under the hood and expect the entire car to run at a higher performance rate, there are bound to be issues. What I'm getting at, is that the Xbox One was originally designed to function while running the DirectX 11.2 version of the software. Bearing this in mind, if you simply issue a software update to a system only designed to run DX11.2, you will effectively be overclocking the GPU so that it can run DX12, which I predict will lead to overheating issues.

This leads me to my big question for the future of Xbox One. As we've seen previously with the Xbox 360, Microsoft had periodically produced new versions of the system, expanding on the motherboard, CPU, GPU and memory storage capacity. Can we expect to see the same updates in hardware being made to the Xbox One? In essence, previous customers would enjoy a downloadable software update to their consoles that would allow them to run DX12, but as the DX12 software becomes more readily available, can we expect to see an Xbox One console built with hardware specifically designed to run DX12?

I believe the key to Microsoft's success in the console wars lies within a $399.99 price tag, and DX12 ready hardware.

What are your thoughts?


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My thoughts are that the X1 was designed for DX12 and DX 11.2 was temporary. Hence why Devs have struggled early. It's a next gen GPU on board. As Phil Spencer has said " X1 will be full Dx12 compatible.

Why you think its so well ventilated?

Remember that Microsoft has officially said that they expect the Xbox One to last 10 years.  Sony though has they expect a new PlayStation out in around five to eight years.

I expect that the Xbox One was built for DX12, 11.2 was just a short term solution untill 12 was ready.  After all, we all know that the Xbox One was released early, possibly 6 months too a year early?

I think the xbox one was made for DX12.  Hence the strange GPU design, move engines, ESRAM ect.  For the car analogy, it would be more like a Diesel Truck.  You get it from the factory a certain way, and with a simple reprogram of the ECU you can increase the performance output(power does not equal performance necessarily)  I don't think DX12 itself will provide an instant 50-100% performance boost.  But once the developers wrap their heads around the API and the developer tools become more mature the games will not have performance issues anymore.

Rumor is the xbox one was slated for a 2014 release, but you can't give the competition that much of a head start.  This was proven with the xbox 360.  If the next round of games have visual parity and performance with the PS4 counterparts then the issue is likely solved.  Although the sony fans will cry that the xbox is holding the PS4 back as to keep visual parity.  Im excited to see the second round of first party exclusives from both sides to see what this gen is truly capable of.

Cars and consoles can't be compared; they're 2 entirely different things.

@ Samurai

"the Xbox One was originally designed to function while running the DirectX 11.2 version of the software."

Please supply proof that this is the case... Better still, that it was designed to function SOLELY on DX11.2

I love armchair experts.



I really hate to say it but the PS4 looks WAY better than the X1 in these graphics comparisons. My hope is that the X1 will box out the competition post DX12 integration. 

That article isn't even a primary source and only states that it started with 11.2, not that it was built with it in mind. It even goes as far as saying that it will improve (i.e., DX12) thus defeating your own argument.  

@ Samurai

1: "Published on 28th June 2013"

2: Nowhere does it say SOLELY.

3: As if they would even mention DX12 back then...

Sorry, but I can't say I'm with you on this one.

Oh... And that site is hardly a single source of truth (I've never heard of it before... Not that it's any less of a decent site just because I've never heard of it, but usually big news comes via bigger tech news sites).

That would be the designers... Microsoft.

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