Lend help to a fallen brother

Ive had my xbox for years and it was the black slim always took care of it no dust no droppings not a single thing or way it could've been damaged

I was p[laying Fable 3 and fallout new vegas got really far in both after days of hard work i got a regular income from fable 3 and was close to 1 million gold and was level 14 of new vegas with really good gear and 20k

My xbox crashed and  i got the E68 error no matter how much i tried with the help of microsoft the xbox is broke.

My friend lent me his xbox till iu get an xbox 1 which was the plan anyway but  i now have no way to sell my old xbox for extra £££

anyway i have to restart fable 3 from the beginning so please my borhters if uhaqve fable 3 can you add me or gift me gold please because i had half the keys collected aswell as 7 gnmoes left to get if u have played you will understand

So please send me gold  i would appreciate it


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I'm currently unpacking after moving house, but if I get my 360 hooked back up, I'll fire you some coin.