LEGO The Movie the Videogame gets launch trailer


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the game is available now too in the Xbox Games Store.

I am tempted to pick this up.

I'm not usually a big fan of the LEGO titles ( I enjoyed Lego Batman ) but this is appealing to me.

yeah .. i've played one or two . i like them but haven't loved them.  for the sake of next gen though i might look into it. IF it isn't a port from 360.

Lego Marvel is a blast but not sure about this. I think I will wait to see how it scores before I pick it up.

I don't really like the Lego games but my GF loves them. Might pick it up over the weekend.

Make them $45 and I am all over them.... the $59 tag seems a little bit too much...

[quote user="tohellnbak"]

Make them $45 and I am all over them.... the $59 tag seems a little bit too much...


Same here. Although, renting a game (on disc) that I don't need to outright own, is hard to beat even if the digital download is $45.


Bit disappointed about having to wait a week basically till we get it in the UK,but after lego marvel,really looking forward to this,hope its online co,op?the builds look amazing and im sure it will be as next gen lego if not more.


Were all off to watch it at the cinema today,since 6am its been,are we going yet?are we going yet?lol.


Cheers for posting lofty and duffel disturbing my saturday morninh lay in to go and look on xbox1 store,lol.

I thought I'd take a chance on this and put my order down :-)

Well, let me know how it goes. I'm curious to see how this game compares to the other LEGO games.