Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens

So far it's really good. I have a question though is there anyway to save mid level?  I mean at checkpoints like the other lego games have. Can't find that console that pops up at checkpoints in the other games and dont see why they would take the feature out especially since the levels are pretty long


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Apparently Sony have been throwing money at "Star Wars Lego" exclusives.

Maybe "Mid-Level Saves" was part of that?

I loved the films... really liked the previews for this game.

Then saw the "marketplace" with all the held back content and a "Season Pass"?

Put me off spending my money.

I bought it on Xbox but just looked at PlayStation store they do have a droid character pack we didn't get but we got a Jedi character pack they didn't get and there's two more on Xbox store wasn't able to download them yet though so think they're part of the $10 season pass


Hello everyone  :)


The parent's of the kids that I babysit will probably get this game soon because they almost have all of the Lego games.


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