Lego Pirates "Hoist the Colours" Achievement Problem! Help!


I don't know if this is the right place to put this thread but I can't work my way around this tricky new forums...but yeah anyways...

I completed Lego Pirates last night at 100% and got the 2 achievements, the one saying I have completed the game and the other saying I have collected all gold bricks, but I somehow didn't recieve the sail all the minikit's achievements even though in bold print it says I have.

I restarted my Xbox up and it still didn't give me the achievement. Anyone else having this problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.




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Have you went all the way to the right off the hub and broke all the bottles so the boats appear in the water; once they do you have to get into each one (Y) and sail them around the water to the right and down the pier to the very left hand side; you must do this to every single one!

Are you saying that in bold that it says you have done it but you have not got the points? If so you could try clearing your cache on your xbox and try resailing them all maybe??

As Philip says you have to physically get in each boat and move around - Be careful because I would jump in and sail away then it would respawn whilst I was doing one of the others so I lost track of which I had done,so double check which one you jump in before you sail off.

Yea i done one bay/each film at a time and took 10mins or so.

I did it and it didn't pop up, turned out i'd done what mark said and had got confused with which boats i'd actually sailed. I'd suggest just smashing two bottles, get in the boats and sail, back to the dock, smash another 2 and so on.