Lego Marvel, 12/4?

According to the Microsoft Store website, Lego Marvel is listed as a 12/4 release date. Has anyone seen this anywhere else? I haven't seen an official statement from Tt.

Like many people, I was hoping to get this game at launch for family visiting over Thanksgiving break, as they would have no interest in Battlefield of Dead Rising. I was hoping it would find its way out on Black Friday, but I know thats wishful thinking...


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It got delayed for whatever reason.  It happens.

I know it was delayed, sorry for not clarifying that. I meant for its new release date.

All I know is that I read an article on gameinformer yesterday that it had been delayed.  I don't remember seeing a date.  But if the MS store says December 4th, I guess that is what we go by for now.  

I do feel for folks that were looking forward to playing it.  I am lucky in that I won't be presenting the XBox One and the games to my family till Christmas.  My boys don't know that I have bought it.  They think that we are waiting till tax returns lol.  So, I won't need to even pick up the game till just before Christmas.

Sorry that you can't get it in time for your plans though man.

there were 2-3 posts about this yesterday and many websites have reported it

Its out tomorrow, my local Game store has copies on the shelves today for launch

OK, my post wasn't clear enough, I see that now. The title should be Lego Marvels NEW release sate, 12/4? And it should reiterate that I am aware it was postponed, and this thread is about the possible NEW release date. (And no, frozen poo, google is not my friend in this instance, or I wouldn't have posted).

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Its out tomorrow, my local Game store has copies on the shelves today for launch


Don't lie:


LEGO Marvel Delayed on Xbox One Won't launch alongside the console, no firm date given.
by Keza MacDonald
November 13, 2013
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes will not launch alongside Xbox One, Warner has said in a statement to MCV.

"LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is coming to next-gen consoles, but the game will not be releasing on the Xbox One console on November 22nd. We will provide a release date for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes on Xbox One as soon as possible," reads the statement.


The game will still be out on November 15th on PS4 (November 29th in Europe), alongside the console.

I think I might get an XBOX 1 just for this game.

Lego Marvel To Make Xbox One Launch After All


by Mike Futter on November 14, 2013 at 06:42 PM 3,044

Earlier this week, we reported that the Xbox One launch was going to be missing Lego Marvel Super Heroes. It seems that whatever was holding things up has been handled.

Warner Bros. told us today that the title would be ready to go at retail on November 22 in the United States. It will be on store shelves in Europe on November 29, where it has not yet been released on any platforms.

You can read our review of the title here. If you can’t wait for the Xbox One release, it is available now on PlayStation 4 (along with current-generation consoles).

Our Take

Lego Marvel might be the same game across platforms, but it is simply gorgeous on next-gen hardware. If you haven’t yet played it, I’d recommend grabbing it for your new console