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What is it with the multi-player side to Left 4 Dead?  A lot of the times when I join a game my health is already flashing in the red before any zombie attack me when everyone else has full health.  Other times I join a game and I'm already dead before I get a chance to do anything and that means no zombies attacked me.  How does this all work out?  Other times when I join a game and it's full and I'm only allowed to watch.  I never bought the DLC to almost be dead straight away, to be dead straight away and I never bought it to watch other players.  


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Sounds like you are joining a game in progress rather than searching for new game, basically you are joining a game where someone else has dropped out becasue they were knocked down and you have taken that characters place and will just bleed out unless a team mate revives you.

As far as joining as a spectator goes it happens sometimes, I think it's just soemone else searching for a game got put in the server before you. Not a lot you can do except back out and search again.

I would strongly recommend searching for a new game rather than joining in progress - it should eliminate these problems.

or maybe host a game and wait for people to join