Left 4 Dead question.

Hi guys, I'm thinking about buying Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 and was wondering about the new Cold Stream DLC.

I'm not sure if it has all of the campaign levels from the first Left 4 Dead and if so should I not bother buying the disc version of L4D1 instead buying the Cold Stream campaign as there'll probably be more people playing that?

Thanks in advance!


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Every map (campaign) from left 4 dead is in the dlc so in that regard you don't need the original left 4 dead, and you could just pick up the 2nd game. Having said that i enjoyed the first much more simply because the additional monsters in the 2nd game were tedious and annoying and took a lot of fun away that the first had in spades

Ah, thanks for that mate, appreciate it. Might as well pick up the first too. For as cheap as it is if there's a marked difference in play-style/fun then I suppose it won't hurt. Cheers!