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So I see on eBay a bunch of results for people selling controllers with different color LEDs and different color buttons and such, and I really like the idea of having such a controller. I'm curious if anyone out there has had any problems with such controllers being identified as "modded" and thus recieved any ban time because of it. I've had this Live account for years and I'm honestly more than a little terrified of having it (or worse, my console) banned for a purely cosmetic mod. Anyone have any advice or experience with this? Again, I'm absolutely not interested in any mods that modify how the controller performs in a game (turbo, etc), just cosmetic changes like LED swaps and such.

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LED and other cosmetic mods will NOT get you banned. Extreme-Mods has a lot of really cool mods for your wireless controller that are built to OEM specs. They also sell individual LEDs and have instructions on how to install them.

I currently have never heard of any players been banned for using a modified controller, But as the control has been opened the Microsoft warranty shall be void as no repair will be permitted by Microsoft.

Ahh, alright. I can live with a void warranty on my controller. Just really didn't want to get banned or anything like that.

Thanks guys.

There was a problem in an early modification for auto fire that meant your controller would not connect to the console if it disconnected, something like that, so the modification had to be returned to re-connect and such side effects could happen with any modification.