Leaving your xbox one on instant on, does it affect your game times?


My son just got a message from someone, saying get a job, nothing new he's used to it, but when he looked at his game time it says he's been on it for 99 hours, now don't get me wrong hes been playing it a far bit and has about 200 games, but if he had played it for 99 hours, that would mean he'd played 2 games every hour, and he's just not that patient.


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Where can you check game time

say you are playing Forza... and get tired of it say Xbox goto TV.... even though TV is displayed on your screen.. Forza is running in the background... adding to time played... you need to "quit" the app for it to stop

now I am not on my xbox I am not sure lol, if you go to someone elses profile, there is a compare games section which shows you your time and their time. (i guess if you got to your profile you will see the time)

I can understand if your still actively using your xbox and haven't quit the program, but surely in standby it should stop the time.

Not a massive issue just was curious if this was the case.

not if the game is still running..  the XB knows the game is current.. whether you are in a game or not... for instance,, it says I have like 1200 hours of netflx  

thanks for the info, at least we defiantly know why the time is so high.

Unless you choose otherwise the Xbox is always on 24/7 and when you open other apps games don't actually close, so basically the game you last played will count indefinitely until you either manually quit or hard shut off the Xbox One.  

That probably explains why I have funny numbers lol. I'm a power saver though so I don't have mine on 24/7. Just when I play.

but do you open one game play, then play another without quitting the first? that will add time on the first.

I am on power save mode, but I don't have a problem, although I don't play many games.

Always a good idea to quit the games or apps when you are done with them, unless you want to resume them or get a high play time.

As the others have said, on standby its still on.

when you open a game.. it closes a previous game...  you cannot have 2 games "running"  that is why you will loose a previous location if you switch between games... seems like you are able to have up to 3 apps open.. so essentially you can have a game open, netflix open, Hulu Open (both counting time used at same time) and friends open (which is why sometimes when you check... you will see last item was 2 hours ago, close the app and reopen it will start at the top instead of waiting 20 minutes to watch every friends notification detail pop up)

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