Lead at rear of kinect?

Is the lead that comes out of the kinect unit removable from the kinect unit? Thanks.

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Not removable from the kinect end, only the console end....

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Not removable from the kinect end, only the console end....


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While it is apparently removable (iFixit's teardown shows this), it's very difficult to unplug.

If you want to call something removable because iFixIt removed it then lets just say every part is removable. Come on, when someone does a tear down of a product, just because they take it off, doesn't mean it's removable. No, the cord is not removable without disassembling the entire device.

It was unplugged, not unscrewed or unglued. It was the first step in the tear down. No other parts need to be removed to unplug it. They have a picture if you are so inclined to look at it.

Problem is though, if you have to open the device, you void your warranty. Therefore it's considered unremovable. You could quite easily remove the battery from an iPhone and it isn't glued or screwed in but it's still not considered to be a removable battery.

^This. "Removable" in this context (correct me if I am wrong) meant truly removable. Not that it is physically possible to remove it.